The Secret Garden - Paola Navone / Zaha Hadid


The Orto Botanico (Botanical Garden) in Brera is a pleasant spot, largely unknown, in the heart of Milan. A silent green area enclosed by patrician residences and, on one side, by the Brera Accademia Art Museum.
It is here that Barovier&Toso and Citco have decided to present The Secret Garden, a display event in which each can convey their particular specialities, one in the working of blown glass to make lighting installations and chandeliers, the other in the production of inlaid marble for surfaces, walls and floors.

Brought together by similar approaches – closer to top artistic craftsmanship than to production-line industry – they have involved two great masters of design and architecture to give shape to a project of senses and emotions: Paola Navone for Barovier&Toso and Zaha Hadid Architects for Citco. Each has been asked to create and produce an installation which shows the demanding international audience at the Salone del Mobile the mastery of the two companies in creating products of extraordinary beauty.