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  • Colors by Paola Navone - Milano Design Week 2016

Colors by Paola Navone - Milano Design Week 2016

  • 24/04/2016
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From 12 to 17 April, at Superstudio Più on Via Tortona, in a space of one thousand square meters, for Barovier&Toso Paola Navone reconstructed a village of five yurts, the traditional mobile huts used by the Mongols to go to and from seasonal pastures, to welcome visitors for a journey-non-journey through the colorful customs of the peoples of Asia. 
In this setting perfectly balanced between physical presence and the immaterial, Paola Navone manageed to reconcile even very distant worlds, and to shape, accumulate, overlap and mix glass with other prime primary materials: images, colors and fragrances blend and dissolve in dreamy atmospheres, between scent and memory, playing with the imagination.

The five village yurts represent landscapes and settings from all over the globe, each with a different leitmotif and color. Visitors explored places, territories, natural and human spectacles through glass, a flexible material of great evocative power. The stories spoke of deserts, the adventures of explorers, dreams of freedom, exotic spaces, narrating travel in its various dimensions, geographical and mental, in space and time: travel as emotion.

A tale in honor of the tradition and excellence of a historic company, 700 years of constant innovation of one material – glass – contaminating it with the widest range of cultures to adapt to every era, custom and fashion.


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