Private residence - Genève

Genève, Switzerland

The luminosity of a space does not depend only on exposure to sunlight or the presence of artificial lighting systems. Many factors are called into play, from the colours of the walls and surfaces to the choice of furnishings and the skill that goes into their arrangement. Pale tones, especially white, tend to reflect light, amplifying the gaze, and can be very appealing when combined with gold and darker features that generate intriguing contrasts. In this home, the studio Camille Aryeh Interiors & Architecture demonstrates the fine tuning of genteel, luminous atmospheres. The wood panelling, marble, velvet and wall decorations construct a circular narrative, inside which the creations of Barovier&Toso become a fundamental player. The products are the Vertigo chandelier over the dining table, and the Metropolis chandelier in the walk-in closet, two collections inspired by the 1920s and the aesthetic of Art Deco. Refinement, elegance and glamour form an extraordinary synthesis in this project.

PROJECT: Camille Aryeh Interiors & Architecture, PHOTOS: India Belce-Kennedy

REFERENCE: Metropolis chandelier, Vertigo chandelier