Art, creativity, passion, expertise.
Factors that come together to generate the excellence of Barovier&Toso creations.

Everything we create is based on over 700 years of sartorial prowess Made in Italy. This know-how is clearly perceptible in the making of all our products, each of which has its own distinctive story.

Corridoio Bespoke

The Barovier&Toso catalogue offers a wide range of collections, all with countless possible combinations in terms of size, colours of Venetian crystal, metal finishings and shades.

Should a customer fail to find his or her ideal product in this range, Barovier&Toso can help to personalize creations based on specific requirements, to generate a unique, precious object.

bt_archive Bespoke

Since every item is made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen in our glassworks in Murano, the pieces can be truly “tailored” to meet all tastes.

Our consultants are always available to guide clients in the personalization of products, ranging from small variations of sizes and colours to the invention and manufacture of a custom design.