Amsterdam Hero

The unique charm
of Venetian crystal

All the luster and the textures of crystal.

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Warm and enveloping
soft light

A dialogue between different materials
that enhance the workmanship of the product.

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Vertigo Hero

Glamorous, seductive
atmospheres of the '20s

Venetian crystal meets design with poised,
evocative lines of a precisely contemporary character.

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The time is a strange piece. It is unrepeatable, relentless, mysterious yet so present. The time we put into our work. The time it took us to get where we are. The time that shaped the lagoon around us. Ultimately, the time that passed between now and the 1295. It is also time that has shaped the lagoon that can be seen from our furnace in Murano.

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Il lusso del tempo

The Venetian Crystal

The value of a unique material

The creations of Barovier&Toso are one-of-a-kind works in Venetian mouth blown crystal and handcrafted by master artisans in Murano, custodians of an age-old tradition passed down across the generations.  
Angelo Barovier invented a revolutionary formula that made it possible to obtain an unprecedented material with extraordinary characteristics of extreme transparency and brightness. 

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The Art of Crystal

Passion. Heart and alchemy

In the silence of the Venetian lagoon, artists and glass masters find the right time and space to play with the laws of nature and create the unthinkable.

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Palazzo Barovier&Toso

The light of time

A temple that celebrates light in all its shades and refractions, through our best collections.
Unveil Palazzo Barovier&Toso


Beyond the evanescent charm

There is a close, inseparable bond between an interior design and its various elements. A bond characterized not by standard solutions, but by special products to meet all needs.

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