What happens if you take an idea from the sixties, geometrically compose it using precise mathematical calculations and then assemble it without following any rules? A fantasy world is created, which is a re-enactment of an old superhero film but can also be shaped in a universal order. This is how Trim was created: a collection of hexagonal tubes handcrafted with a “ice” technique, which is known since the Eighteen century and is reminiscent of many famous Barovier&Toso creations. According to the creativity of the client, the shape of Trim can be customised during installation into a strict and conventional order or an untidy shape. In addition to the four different-sized ceiling light models, the collection also includes two suspended lights that have similar reflective shapes. Dimmable LED spotlights, supplied as standard, are inserted inside the thin ceiling structure or fitted onto the suspension plate; glass elements enclose them. The number of lights varies according to the size.

Catalogue Barovier&Toso
Designer Barovier&Toso
Year 2017

Available colors


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