The Yoroi vase majestically fuses tradition and modernity, drawing inspiration from the shapes of ancient Greek ceramics and adorned with a texture that echoes the scales of samurai armor. The creation of this masterpiece begins with the ancient technique of "drawing the rods," essential for the formation of murrine. At the heart of each murrina lies an opaque core, surrounded by a veil of transparent amber that captures and diffuses light, creating a visual depth that transforms each vase into a unique work of art. The name Yoroi, meaning "armor" in Japanese, pays homage to both the refinement of ancient samurai protections and the art of glassmaking. Each Yoroi Vase is a bridge between the cultural legacies of ancient Greece and Japan, celebrating artisanal excellence and beauty transformed through glass.

Colors and finishings

Venetian Crystal

  • JG


  • JL


  • JS


  • JA

    Blue avio

Spec sheet



  • Height

    24 cm
    9 1/2 inc

  • Diameter

    21,5 cm
    8 1/2 inc

  • Weight

    3 kg
    7 lbs

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  • Height

    30 cm
    12 inc

  • Diameter

    26 cm
    10 1/4 inc

  • Weight

    5 kg
    11 lbs

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