“Maison 12: Designers Suite Apartment” Show Unit - The Colours of Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

The Colours of Indonesia is an interior design fair held every two years in Jakarta. The “Maison12” edition saw 12 designers work on the design of housing units linked to Indonesian cultural heritage and an elegant, comfortable and international lifestyle. The designer Anita Boentarman created The Living room unit in the Soul of Java apartment, creating a delicate balance between classic and traditional elements. An entire wall is covered with a fabric finely decorated with the ancient Batik Solo dyeing technique, originally from Indonesia. Green plays a primary role within a color palette where neutral and warm hues coexist together with metallic accents. Italian craftsmanship meets Indonesian craftsmanship: from the marble of the flooring, to the carpet, to the furnishings, to the coffered ceiling, the environment speaks a refined and exclusive language, masterfully embellished by the 4604 chandelier, a symbol of history and tradition, an emblem of glass art muranese.


PROJECT: Anita Boentarman

PHOTO: Studio Melt

REFERENCES: 4604 chandelier