Marina Rinaldi Showroom

London, England

Studied craftsmanship, attention to detail, experimentation with colours and materials: for 40 years, the Italian fashion house Marina Rinaldi has worked to dress women in elegance and comfort, without limitations on size. The brand’s boutiques are also welcoming and refined. The London headquarters is on Albemarle Street, in a three-storey Georgian building with large, luminous windows. Inside, the spaces have been designed to engage clients in a sophisticated home-like atmosphere, formulated by excellent furnishings and materials. The entrance features harmonious lines and a lime green colour for the Degas chandelier on two levels, in dialogue with the stuccowork and the pilaster strips. Bright voluptuous curly leaves in Venetian Crystal are the main feature of New Felci, which fills the space with its Twenties charm.


REFERENCES: Degas chandelier and New Felci ceiling