Axis 1 Action 1.1.4 - D3Vero – 3D printing in the artistic glass sector to relaunch and innovate

27 February 2023

Coop.Services Scrl, Desamanera Srl, Dataveneta Computers Srl, Foscarini Spa, Barovier&Toso Vetrerie Artistiche Riunite Srl, Lavai Srl, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, University of Verona, University of Padua and Academy of Fine Arts of Verona have carried out the project "D3Vero - 3D printing in the artistic glass sector to relaunch and innovate" financed by the Decree of the Manager of the ERDF Management Area n. 447 of 15 December 2020 as part of the POR FESR 2014-2020, Axis 1. Action 1.1.4 pursuant to Resolution No. 822 of June 23, 2020.


The D3Vero project intends to relaunch and strengthen the competitive capacity of the glass supply chain, with particular attention to the characteristics that distinguish the production processes and the glassmaking art of Murano, one of the most important regional production areas, which has given prestige and prestige for centuries to the Veneto and to the whole of Italy. The project involves different enabling technologies within the smart specializations “Smart Manufacturing” and “Creative Industries”. It is developed through a collaboration between leading exponents in the field of research and industrial implementation of the various technologies involved: additive technology (3D printing), materials engineering, mechanics/mechatronics.

The objective of the project is the development of an innovative production system that allows, on the one hand, the collection, study and processing, through ad hoc developed algorithms, of technical-chemical information deriving from new materials, binders and production processes in the artistic glass industry, and on the other hand to connect artists, master glassmakers, designers and the articulated chain of creativity with the production processes themselves, through the development of a special prototype platform, orienting it towards improvement and multiplying potential and diffusion in the territories.

The project intends to relaunch and strengthen the competitive capacity of the sector. The already strong production skills, the knowledge acquired over centuries of experience and the great artistic skills of the glass masters, the project intends to combine with the use of new sustainable production technologies, using only natural raw materials, which will allow process developments and innovations manufacturing level and in the services offered.

The project also intends to expand the commercial capabilities of the "Mercanti Veneziani" and of the brand of artistic Murano glass processing, through the use of new digital communication technologies to directly reach customers from all over the world.

Last but not least, the project aims to offer a contribution to safeguard, preserve and transmit the art and specific skills handed down until now exclusively in an empirical way, transferring innovative teaching methodologies to the glass masters and create a virtuous circle in which the "new" glass masters can bring creativity and passion to increase the differentiation between objects and works created through artisanal and artistic processes and knowledge, and objects created through purely industrial processes.

The total public contribution of the operation is €1,099,391.56, of which Barovier & Toso Vetrerie Artistiche Riunite Srl benefits €82,212.75.

Project duration: 30 months
Project start: 09/09/2020
End of the project: 02/28/2023

Name of the project lead legal entity: EUTEKNOS
The project also provides for the participation of the R.I.R. IMPROVENET - ITC for Smart Manufacturing Processes Veneto Network

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