Barovier&Toso Handmade

26 October 2023

The new Barovier&Toso social campaign, in partnership with Winsor & Newton.

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The memory of the hands, the meticulousness of the eyes, the experience of the arms and the body, which dances between the oven and the “bronzin” (iron table), where the barrel slides back and forth... Weights, volumes, temperatures, gestures to calibrate, the instinct to follow, teamwork...For Barovier&Toso there is all this behind the word handmade.

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A fusion between art and craftsmanship, Barovier&Toso creations are an expression of a heritage that comes from far away, through the centuries. They come to life from a mark on paper or from tests in the furnace, experiments that always see the hands as protagonists. In an increasingly digital and faster world, starting from handmade sketches means giving immediacy and authenticity to creativity, it means putting the human component in the foreground within a process in which the value of the final object is built step by step. step by step.

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To highlight this intrinsic link between creativity, knowledge and craftsmanship, the company launches the Handmade digital campaign, in collaboration with Winsor & Newton, a historic signature in the world of fine arts, a brand synonymous with quality and tradition since 1832.

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The Barovier&Toso suspensions and chandeliers come alive thanks to the watercolours, markers and brushes by Winsor & Newton, which lend themselves to playing under the spotlight. 

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Thus was born a series of videos that transfer light onto paper, making the object and its setting the protagonist, drawn and colored entirely freehand.

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The first video revolves around the Campanula collection, presented at the latest edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Other new products, such as Empire and Clepsydra, but not only, will take shape between colors and fineliners. To not miss the videos, just follow the Barovier&Toso social channels, where publications will follow one another in the coming weeks.