Inspirations - Gold

18 December 2023

Synonymous with luxury and beauty, gold meets the art of glass and gives life to authentic Barovier&Toso masterpieces


The second chapter of the Inspirations project arrives and is dedicated to gold, a metal, a color, but above all an element that Barovier&Toso has known how to blend into its creations for centuries.

Its value is not purely decorative. Rather, its contribution is evident in defining the personality and design of the object in a specific way, referring to an iconography that since distant times has been representative of opulence, importance and prestige.

As the collections chosen for the catalog show, the range of Barovier&Toso proposals welcomes gold in various forms. In the Gallia floor lamp, for example, it is found as a finish for the entire metal body, as well as in the two opaline diffusers, inside which specks of 24K gold are inserted. The embroidered effect of the Venetian crystal of the Grand Hotel lamp is very romantic, where the "rugiada" technique meets gold, amplifying the grace of the design and texture. The workmanship of the "dolls" of the Spinn suspension lamp is still different. Here the "a balotòn" technique marries gold to generate a highly sparkling and spectacular blown Venetian crystal composition.

  • 2969cc56-ce99-ee11-be37-0022489fd147.jpeg

A riot of gold, however, for the Amsterdam chandelier, from the arms, to the base, to the internal fabric of the lampshades, accented by the “rostrato” elements, which reflect, with their tips, the golden flashes. Among the most majestic and iconic, Taif is perhaps the chandelier that best celebrates that exquisite synergy between light, Venetian crystal and gold, a synergy that becomes a poetic expression of a taste that knows no trends.

From the most classic to the most contemporary, such as Sideris, Robin and Pandora, Barovier&Toso creations interpret gold in a refined way, with more discreet or truly surprising effects, all described in the Gold catalogue.