07 June 2022

“Reality is never what it seems: truth is above all imagination”

Based on a Surrealist matrix, the new Barovier&Toso collection surprises and fascinates with its avant-garde design. Like a cloud of light and crystal, the Magritte chandelier unleashes a dreamy imaginary. The gaze is guided by the symmetrical relationships of the parts and the novel radial modular design.


7-12 June 2022

The Salone del Mobile in Milan celebrates its 60th iteration, an important anniversary during which the city resumes its role as a catalyst of creativity and energy. During the Fuorisalone, Barovier&Toso presents the new Magritte collection of chandeliers and wall sconce, inside the Concept Flat on Via Durini, in the heart of the Design District.

The Murano-based company confirms the strategy of enhancement of its heritage in the art of glass through modern, innovative interpretation. The steps in this direction, collection after collection, become constantly bolder, in pursuit of new balances and dynamics between light, space and form, dimensions that act together, in each case, as a tribute to blown glass. 

“Banish the already seen from the mind and seek the unseen” is one of the famous mottos of the painter Magritte, considered one of the fathers of Surrealism, the artistic and literary movement that began in the 1920s. The new Barovier&Toso collection takes its inspiration from this revolutionary spirit.

  • magritte_5721_cc_cl_01b_72dpi.jpg

The starting point for the process of product development was conceptual research, investigating the idea of the chandelier to the point of its rethinking and deconstruction: a forceful operation that has become a challenge to most of the established tenets of classic design.

  • magritte_5721_cc_cl_part_03n_72dpi.jpg
  • magritte_5721_cc_cl_03n_72dpi.jpg

As in Surrealist works, illusion plays a major role. With its theatrical and elegant arrangement, in keeping with the tradition, the Magritte chandelier nevertheless seems light and delicately poised. 

An innovative ceiling attachment system makes it seem to float in the air, like a cloud of light. The effect is surprising, completely unexpected, and it opens up a novel imaginary rooted in dreams. For the first time, the classic central core with arms gives way to a modular apparatus, developed by means of individual units. Like satellites, the bases multiply and welcome groups of arms, allowing the light to gravitate and sparkle around this system.

  • magritte_5721_cc_cl_amb_72dpi.jpg

At a decorative level a certain rigor prevails, a fascinating simplicity that is able to draw the gaze to every single detail. In the typical tradition of Murano, the pastorals form crystal curls to enhance and enliven the composition. Utilizing the age-old technique known as “rigamenà”, all the cups feature slender ribbing with a spiral motif.

  • magritte_5721_cc_cl_part_02b_72dpi.jpg
  • magritte_5721_cc_cl_part_02n_72dpi.jpg

The Magritte chandelier is available in various models and sizes, up to 48 lights, all marked by horizontal, radial growth, unlike other collections that feature vertical extension on multiple levels. This permits the design to remain consistent in all the versions, with the same proportions and rhythm.

  • magritte_5721_cc_cl_01n_72_dpi.jpg

The collection also includes a wall sconce version with two lights; this model is discreet and refined, ideal to punctuate the walls of both public and private spaces.

  • magritte_5721_02_cc_cl_72dpi.jpg

The finishes developed by Barovier&Toso for the metal parts of shiny chrome and galvanized gold. For the glass elements, the catalogue offers the colours grey, sand, olive green, indigo, cadet blue, periwinkle and gold, as well as pure transparent crystal. These hues are almost all part of the palette formulated and launched by the company in September, versatile contemporary nuances that are perfect to bring out the beauty of Magritte.

After seven centuries of history, Barovier&Toso continues to put its experience and expertise at the service of research and experimentation, along a path where tradition and innovation can move forward together.