New Projects Book

27 July 2022

An overview of the finest international interior design: projects all featuring the creations of Barovier&Toso. An updated and variegated selection of our new references gives life to the 2022 edition of our Projects Book.



It is always surprising to see how individual architects, designers and clients interpret the creations of Barovier&Toso and insert them inside homes and public spaces. The main characteristic of these precious objects is that they simultaneously perform two functions, which interact with and influence each other: lighting and decoration. Thanks to this dualism, the relationship with the architecture and the various aspects of the project is very extensive, capable of articulating infinite possibilities.

  • Camille Aryeh2.jpeg

The Projects Book is divided into four sections: Hospitality, Institutional, Residential and Retail. The settings, colours and styles may change... but beauty, harmony and creativity are constants in every single project, honed down to the smallest details.

Besides the products in the catalogue, the book examines installations designed and implemented by Barovier&Toso entirely to measure, to respond to specific requests and needs. This is the case, for example, of the creation in Venetian Crystal made for the Seoul showroom of the Swiss brand IWC Schaffhausen, or of the grand multicoloured chandelier invented for the Montreal Stock Exchange

  • bt_iwc-the-hyundai-yeouido_seoul_south-korea_02_bespoke-ceiling.jpg

Custom sizes and finishes can be admired in many projects, like the penthouse of Hotel Bulgari in Paris, where a dramatic Spinn lamp brightens the dining zone and the space offering a fine view of the skyline of the city centre. 

  • bt_bulgari_paris_penthouse_spinn_01.jpg

Various private clients have chosen Barovier&Toso for the lighting of all their spaces, from bedrooms to bathrooms, making them true gems. As in the penthouse in Kolkata created by the designer Ajay Arya, or at Villa Passalacqua, a splendid hotel on Lake Como.

  • bt_villa_passalacqua_como-lake_torpedo-taif.jpg
  • bt_villa_passalacqua_como-lake_agadir_new-felci.jpg

We would like to extend special thanks to all the designers and architects who have contribution to the making of this catalogue.