Vases Collections 2024

20 June 2024

Barovier&Toso presents four new collections of Venetian Crystal vases: a perfect example of technical and formal refinement


Barovier&Toso rekindles its love for decorative objects and presents four new collections of Venetian Crystal vases, a unique material capable of giving shape to works of great artistic value.

The new Yoroi, Dune, Palatino, and Posidonia collections, developed by Barovier&Toso’s internal style office, are a tribute to artisanal mastery and the continuous pursuit of aesthetic excellence. Each collection, with its unique character, is a window open to the majesty of glass, interpreted through themes and techniques that reflect both the richness of the past and the vision of the future. With these collections, Barovier&Toso not only resumes producing unique objects but also reinvents the way glass can tell stories, evoke emotions, and beautify spaces. Each piece is a chapter in a larger narrative, celebrating the glassmaking tradition that continues to shine through the centuries.

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The Dune vase celebrates nature, a symphony of shapes and textures that tells the story of wind and sand in a language made of glass. Through the art of layering Venetian Crystal, the master glassmaker shapes the molten glass, evoking the sinuous curves of natural dunes. The intricate and patient processing in the grinder gives the piece an unrepeatable texture, made of successive grooves that reflect the waves of sand caressed by the wind. Each creation is a testament to the beauty that can emerge from the interaction between natural elements and human skills.

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The Palatino vase celebrates the mastery of Roman mosaics and the art of Murano glassmakers. Inspired by the villas of the Palatine Hill, it evokes ancient mosaic pavements, revisited in Venetian terrazzo and reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The creation begins with the “pulling of the canes” and the subsequent formation of the murrine, fused and applied to a glass cylinder, shaped and finished with a matte surface. The tessellated design makes each piece unique and refined, like a dance between past and present. A celebration of rich artistic heritage, reinterpreted for the contemporary world.

  • bt_palatino_26318_26319_bc_amb01.jpg


The Posidonia vase embodies the sinuous movement of seaweed, capturing the fluid beauty of the underwater world. Its creation is an art that begins with the “pulling of the canes,” elongated and arranged on a grooved support. The first gathering of glass, shaped into a cylinder, is rolled over the bronze tool, collecting the canes. Layer by layer, the vase takes shape, evoking the depth of a dive into water. The colors and variable lengths of the canes reproduce the natural harmony of swaying seaweed, giving the piece a touch of elegance and uniqueness. The Posidonia vase is not just an object but a fragment of the ocean, bringing with it the magic and serenity of the underwater world.

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The Yoroi vase majestically fuses tradition and modernity, inspired by the shapes of ancient Hellenic ceramics and embellished with a texture that echoes the scales of samurai armor. The creation of this masterpiece begins with the ancient technique of “pulling the canes,” essential for forming the murrine. At the heart of each murrine is an opaque core, surrounded by a veil of transparent amber that captures and diffuses light, creating visual depth that transforms each vase into a singular work of art. The name Yoroi, meaning “armor” in Japanese, honors both the refinement of ancient samurai protections and the art of glassmaking. Each Yoroi vase is a bridge between the cultural heritages of ancient Greece and Japan, celebrating artisanal excellence and beauty transformed through glass.

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To celebrate the launch of the new Venetian Crystal vase collections, Barovier&Toso has formed a prestigious partnership with Dylan Tripp (@dylantripp), a renowned floral designer known for his ability to transform flowers and plants into true works of art. His unique style, which combines historical elements and contemporary design, creates a perfect dialogue with the timeless elegance of Barovier&Toso vases. Dylan Tripp, with a background as a fashion designer for Valentino and Fendi, brings an artistic and innovative approach to the world of floral design. For this collaboration, Dylan has created four exclusive videos, one for each vase collection, following his distinctive, fresh, and light style. These videos will be premiered on the evening of the event on June 19 and launched through social media campaigns in the following weeks. Each video captures the essence of each vase, enhancing the beauty of Venetian Crystal with floral compositions that are sophisticated yet always with a touch of lightness and fun, transforming each piece into a unique sensory experience.

This collaboration not only enriches the presentation of the vases but also reinforces Barovier&Toso’s commitment to celebrating art and craftsmanship through creative synergies that enhance the artistic value of their products. The vibrant and pleasant tone of this partnership perfectly reflects the freshness and joy that characterize Dylan Tripp’s style, making each creation an invitation to discover beauty in a new and engaging way.