Water's Edge

23 May 2024

Barovier&Toso introduces “Water’s Edge”, the new showcase of the Venice boutique designed by Nichetto Studio.


The showcase of Barovier&Toso’s new Venice boutique undergoes a transformation with a new arrangement designed by Nichetto Studio. Following “Flora & Flutter”, a garden of leafy plants in intense liquid cedar-colored Venetian crystal, and “Burning Light” with the iconic chandelier 4607 deconstructed within a vibrant orange setting, the third chapter “Water’s Edge” explores the element of water in the glassmaking process by proposing a series of objects in bright blue tones.

Water is an indispensable factor in the production of glass works as it plays a dual role of cooling and refining the raw material. In the traditional manufacturing process, artisans gather the molten glass at the end of a blowing tube and then shape it using various tools. Water is crucial at this stage, as it is used to quickly cool the raw material, allowing it to solidify and maintain its shape.

  • 00_bt_venice_boutique_waters-edge.jpg

“Water’s Edge” offers a fascinating exploration of the rich tradition of Venetian glassmaking, showcasing the mastery and timeless beauty that define this art form. The installation celebrates the rich heritage and supreme artistic craftsmanship of Barovier&Toso, presenting a series of vases including the iconic Diamante and Bollibolle collections. The latter was designed by Franco Raggi in 1994 and presented in 1995 in a diverse color range that also included a special shade of blue. This color has been exclusively chosen to create a limited and numbered series of glass works consisting of 40 pieces (20 Bollibolle and 20 Diamante).

  • bt_diamante_26233_qq_bollibolle_26198_qb_02.jpg

For “Water’s Edge”, the Bollibolle and Diamante vases are placed within a display made up of a series of cube-shaped structures made of flocked polystyrene, a technique that gives the containers a velvet-like appearance. Like the inside of a jewelry box, the structure emphasizes the preciousness of the objects it contains, creations unique both for their high artisanal value and the limited edition that distinguishes them. Furthermore, the pyramidal shape of the display recalls the production process of the glass works, stacked and ready to embark on their journey to new homes and spaces to decorate.

  • 08_bt_venice_boutique_waters-edge.jpg

Drawing from its deeply water-linked Venetian heritage, Nichetto Studio offers a unique perspective to “Water’s Edge”, infusing it with authenticity and tradition: “We are excited to unveil our latest showcase, a poetic tribute to the art of glassmaking,” comments Luca Nichetto. “With this showcase, we invite visitors to embark on a journey through time and tradition, where each vase tells a story of craftsmanship, innovation, and the enduring beauty of water.”

“Water’s Edge” marks a new chapter for the Venetian boutique which, thanks also to its strategic location, becomes increasingly a point of attraction for tourists and passersby captivated by the scenic installative windows that play with the theme of a different color each time. A journey in stages to discover the potential and centuries-old artisanal mastery of Barovier&Toso.