Apartment in Kemskaya

Moscow, Russia

Creating a harmonious and enveloping environment was the goal of the interior design project signed by the Yudin & Novikov studio. The apartment has a very balanced and versatile distribution of spaces. The glass door divides and unites the kitchen from the living room, creating a bridge between the two areas: the first more modern and essential, the second richer in details and finishes, as demonstrated by the walls, entirely covered in wood. Even the lighting punctuates the luxury of the interior and makes its beauty resonate. For this project, the Venetian crystal is tinged with blue, combined with white lampshades, a combination that marries wonderfully the warm colors of the surfaces and furnishings. The Ran table lamp is placed on the velvet console at the entrance, while the Tam Tam chandelier is the heart of the living room. More eclectic and far from the classic radial design, Domo Maine with 12 lights illuminates the dining table and the kitchen.


PROJECT: Yudin&Novikov

REFERENCES: Domo Maine chandelier, Ran table lamp and Tam Tam chandelier