Bel-Air Rise House Residence

Hong Kong, China

Located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, Bel Air Rise is located in the most prestigious and sought-after residential area of the city. This is an exclusive residence, complete with all sorts of facilities. It has 3,000 luxury homes and among these is the apartment designed by Andrew Tsui, with a panoramic view of the coast. The interiors are characterized by refined and highly valuable materials, such as the marble chosen for the flooring and to cover entire book-matched walls. In the living area, everything plays on shades of black and white and it is here that the Angel suspension stands out, with its spiral of Venetian crystal feathers, preciously handcrafted. A warmer environment is instead that of the games room, connected to the leisure room. Elegant and subtly playful, Lincoln wall lamps illuminate the room and add a sophisticated character to the wainscoting. The blown glass spheres are mouth blown and handcrafted with the balotòn technique, which gives the glass a cross-relief effect.


PROJECT: A Project Interior Design

REFERENCES: Angel suspension and Lincoln wall sconces