Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues

Geneva, Switzerland

It overlooks Lake Geneva and looks at Mont Blanc. Built in 1834, the building has kept its neoclassical facade and structure intact, as suggested by the beautiful spiral staircase, the columns and the architectural and ornamental configuration of the spaces. The interiors, designed by Parisian designer Pierre-Yves Rochan, show off a revived sense of history, which sees modern and traditional elements interacting with each other.

It is the same for the furnishings, partly classic in the Louis Philippe Empire style, partly contemporary. Created by interior designer Paul Robida, the "Lake View Presidential Suite" enjoys a romantic panorama and surprising natural light. Showcasing a sophisticated combination of styles, fabrics and colors. The bedroom, adjacent to the living area, is illuminated by the Babylon chandelier in Venetian crystal, with two floors of lights. The white pleated lampshades and the gentle composure of the arms add an elegant and chic touch to the environment.

REFERENCES: Babylon chandelier