Ludwig Zwei Restaurant

Munich, Germany

Developed by the studio of Marcel Wanders, the interior design is based on the historic opera house of Munich. The main colour of the entire restaurant is red, from the carpets to the sofas, and the soft fabric drapes in several of the rooms. Aesthetic and emotional impact go hand in hand, sustaining each other. It is a narrative that speaks of drama and surprise, formulating an intense atmosphere of great impact. The interior is also theatrical in terms of lighting, using mirrors in a brilliant way to multiply light and space in a game of infinite reflections.

At the centre of the oval mirrors shine the lamps of the Tangeri collection, produced with traditional techniques reinterpreted to obtain greater simplicity and lightness. The Perseus suspension lamps are delicate and sophisticated, punctuating the central tables. This collection designed by Studio Marcel Wanders in 2015 brings out the expressive qualities of handcrafted blown Venetian Crystal with extreme grace and compositional balance.


PROJECT: Marcel Wanders Studio

REFERENCES: Perseus Sospensions and Tangeri wall lamps