Orbis Building

Bratislava, Slovakia

Organized on five levels now converted for use as offices, this building was first created as a hospitality structure. The façade in neoclassical style foreshadows the taste and character of the interiors, with features that have been carefully conserved in the renovation. Called in to redesign the entrance and the reception area, the studio Triform Factory has kept the stone floors, plaster columns and ceiling decorations. White, anthracite grey and green are the colours utilized to set the distinctive tone of the project. Elegant and minimal in its design, Saint Germain has been chosen for the entire space, in the chandelier version with three or five lights, and the applique model, for a rhythmical sequence alternating with the pilasters. The finishes in galvanized gold highlight the glow of the Venetian Crystal, in a vibrant shade of Antalya green. They also reference the finial, composed of a sphere expertly crafted with the dipped gold technique.

PROJECT: Triform Factory, PHOTOS: Peter Kociha

REFERENCES: Saint Germain chandeliers and Saint Germain wall lamps