Private Apartment - Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Designed by the Hinke Novak architects’ studio, the penthouse is characterized by an unusual use of black, which recurs throughout the rooms as a common thread that marks the style of the apartment in a unique way. White ceiling and cognac-colored parquet floor give brightness to the interiors, kissed by the natural light that enters through the large windows. The aim of the project was to create a classic interior, but contemporary in its vibrations and technological. In fact, a smart-home app manages the entire house, controlling lights, air conditioning, radio and curtains. The Babylon chandelier illuminates the studio, in an almost total black customized version, with a terminal cup, arms in Venetian crystal, metal structures and pleated lampshades made in black.


PROJECT: Hinkenovak | Arch. Marek Hinke

PHOTO: Lukas Hausenblas

REFERENCES: Babylon chandelier