Private Studio

Galizia, Spain

In a famous 16th century painting by Paolo Veronese, depicting the Annunciation, a crystal vase appears at the foot of the figure of the Madonna, crossed by a ray of light. Hence the inspiration that led Umberto Riva, in 1985, to design the Veronese lamp for Barovier&Toso, an object whose elegance speaks through extremely pure lines and impeccable proportions, classic and modern at the same time. The light emitted is diffused and enveloping and gives the environment a unique charm. It is for this reason that the artist Álvaro Negro chose the Veronese lamp for his studio, obtained from the restoration of his family’s mill. In his pictorial works there are frequent references to light in Renaissance painting and a concern for the modulation of space and architecture is vivid in his work. An honest and authentic account of his gaze as a multipurpose artist shines through from the studio.


PROJECT: Álvaro Negro

REFERENCES: Veronese table lamp