Private Villa Chevy Chase

Washington D.C., USA

Luxurious and sumptuous, the interiors of the villa blend European, Mediterranean and Asian influences with the comfort and simplicity of American taste. Furnishings and furnishing accessories reflect different periods and styles, interacting harmoniously with each other. The result is warm, romantic environments, with attention to every detail. The villa has two floors and numerous rooms, each with its own specific personality. The color palette is very varied and complex, thanks also to the presence of ancient fabrics. Colors, patterns and history make this house unique. One of the main bathrooms is made entirely of white marble, with fine finishes and custom-made wooden furnishings. The choice of furnishings is sophisticated, giving the bathroom a delicate and gentle atmosphere. The Grand Hotel ceiling light illuminates the room, a jewel in gold-colored Venetian crystal, which belongs to the more classic Barovier&Toso production. Finely made with the dew technique, the leaves meet a lateral floral motif and a very suggestive decorative effect is born.


PROJECT: Mona Hajj Interiors

PHOTO: William Abranowicz

REFERENCES: Grand Hotel ceiling lamp