Milan Showroom & Concept Flat

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Milan. Durini Design District. The Barovier&Toso showroom has been entirely renovated and opened on September 2020. Extensive restyling of the display spaces on the ground level is joined by the acquisition of a new space on the first floor, a concept flat entirely organized for operative functions while at the same time revealing the world of Barovier&Toso through a selection of products, a spectacular glass library and a number of representative pieces from the history of the company.

A project of great impact for the brand, as part of a strategy of upgrading of facilities, starting with the renovation of the headquarters at Palazzo Barovier&Toso in Murano, unveiled in the fall of 2018. Concentrating investments on its exclusive points of sale, Barovier&Toso wagers on the brand’s calling cards par excellence, narrating its story in a direct, uncompromising and timely way.


The Barovier&Toso showroom in Milan has been expanded and updated.

A major project by vandersandestudio.

The task of creating a project as a context for products, generating engaging and appealing suggestions, impressions and situations capable of fostering a sense of comfortable welcome such as few places can offer, has been assigned to vandersandestudio.

Exotic subjects from nature, soft drapes, motifs based on the decorative tradition of Venice, but also metals for this tableau that looks to the past with admiration and pride, providing a stimulating confrontation with contemporary features. It is a composite, variegated project involving a vast selection of Barovier&Toso products, chosen for their ability to reinterpret the tradition in a timely way.

The ground floor showroom

To create a system that would make the ground floor showroom flexible, from the standpoint of architecture, technical systems and interior design: this was the briefing that led vandersandestudio to invent a wooden structure attached to the perimeter walls and ceiling, a grating that supports removable partitions and other divider elements, including curtains or panels. 

Thanks to this system, which is also excellent for easy changing of suspension points, it is possible to create dramatic backdrops layered in space, which convey an effect of depth and define various corners. These are small independent sets that interpret a single product or grouping, in different, variegated tableaux that fully represent the heterogeneous character of the spaces of a home, as well as other contexts.

All the displays can include any type of lamp, for easy installation and removal, from chandeliers to appliques, table lamps to floor models. At the back of the showroom a smaller version of the glass library on the first floor offers a sample of the extraordinary possibilities of personalization guaranteed by the company.

The Concept Flat on the first floor

A hub for architects and interior designers. Milan is the right city in which to create a space for consulting and co-design, a location where professionals and clients can learn about the offerings of Barovier&Toso in a direct, detailed manner.

The display space contains the marketing and communication division, two managerial offices, a lounge, a glass library and a large terrace for events. It is organized as a comfortable, private apartment where all the rooms, from the meeting area to the restroom, are utilized to present the creations of Barovier&Toso, seen in an active, dynamic context.

One strong point of the arrangement is the role of natural light, in dialogue with luminous objects to bring out their decorative appeal even when the lamps are off.

To boost the flexibility and versatility of the project, the company has formed partnerships with important design leading brands, in order to frequently rotate and revise the furnishings.

The large bookcase containing the glass library is a customized fixed piece, presenting a selection of glass creations that convey the forms, techniques, craftsmanship and colouring intrinsic to the company’s legacy of know-how, available inside the range of possible solutions.

Velvet shelves and backlit compartments frame the samples, like true jewels to be displayed with great care. In the same room, Murano tells its story through historic pieces on loan from the corporate museum, original drawings by Ercole Barovier, historical catalogues and documents, and tools utilized in the glassworks.

Many products are on view in a survey rich in stylistic nuances, flanked by luxurious counterparts to create atmosphere, like the wallcoverings by Misha, painstakingly painted by hand, and the opulent fabrics produced by Rubelli.

The fulcrum of the entire project and high point of the displays is the installation in the corridor created by vandersandestudio. This is a masterful interpretation of the product Trim, replicated on the ceiling in a long sequence of units. The geometric figures in Venetian glass alternate at an irregular, staggered and rapid pace, forming a true three-dimensional sculpture, light as a precious tulle cloak that captures the gaze and the imagination.

The lighting scenarios applied to the installation are also completely customized, generating fascinating, theatrical games of light to enliven the setting. Bespoke projects of great expressive, decorative and technological value: this is what can be done by personalizing the creations of Barovier&Toso.

Once again, Barovier&Toso has decided to invest in creativity and synergies with outstanding professionals and brands. Beauty, history and design are the driving forces of the new showroom, resulting in a dynamic vision that looks far into the future.

Milan Showroom & Concept Flat

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