Barovier&Toso Tales

14 January 2022

Poetry and emotion in the new digital campaign of Barovier&Toso.
A video mosaic as a tribute to an enterprise made of passion, professionalism and respect for tradition. Unique authenticity is the central focus, evoked as a way to look forward to the future.

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We are used to observing passing fashions, trends that form a sequence over time, each striving to foresee tastes and to capture the imagination in a more lasting way. It isn’t easy to make a mark on history and to assert it on a steady basis, without fading into the blur. Perseverance, loyalty to one’s own roots, an ability to get beyond fleeting trends along a path of continuing research: these are just a few of the secrets that have sustained Barovier&Toso across seven centuries.

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The path has not been free of obstacles. Challenges continue to arise, always calling for different solutions, but there is one fixed point that represents a constant: the intrinsic power of the creations of Barovier&Toso to build highly emotional relationships that last in time. Such intimate bonds contain all the ingredients of a magnetic attraction, an appeal that goes far beyond the concept of luxury.

In the 21st century, Kevin Roberts has called it the “lovemark” effect, indicating a theory that covers only a limited number of brands with very special characteristics. What really makes the difference is the human factor embodied by every Barovier&Toso creation, the quality that makes it unique, more than any other. This fundamental aspect stems from the dedication and interconnection of all the people, all the professional roles involved: different kinds of expertise, different functions, guided by the same passion for quality, the same love of beauty.

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To narrate all this, to reveal the faces of the people who are part of the world of Barovier&Toso, to describe this magic constantly renewed for over 700 years, we have created the Tales Project. Authored and produced by the director Riccardo Petrillo, like tiles in a great mosaic, 40 short videos capture the essence of the brand and its context, the island of Murano, where everything happens and where everything began. These videos, with a length of 45-60 seconds each, will be broadcast on all the digital channels of Barovier&Toso, from the website to the social networks (FacebookInstagram, LinkedInWeChatYouTube). They are the result of the company’s desire to share the love that lies behind all of its products with its audience, from the genesis of a new collection to the phases of experimentation and development, production, launch, communication, without excluding any department, any mechanism in this complex, finely honed system.

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With a poetic narrative approach and a very close vantage point, the Tales Project directly enters the universe of Barovier&Toso, outlining its contours, offering vivid, engaging glimpses of its workings. These videos, conceived as many small stories, feature the voices of the protagonists themselves, the people who represent the true spirit of the company.

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Multiple themes are addressed, also touching on many aspects that have never been shown to the public in the past. The glassblowing, the historical archives, the colours, the logistics: these are just some of the titles on the calendar, which will be joined by glimpses of the Icons, exceptional and particularly significant creations in the Barovier&Toso catalogue, like the Taif chandelier.

In broad brushstrokes, these videos depict a present made of heritage, memory, mastery and skill, with age-old roots that find new nourishment today, at the service of the traditions that still feed the glassworks of Murano, like a living flame. The Tales Project also sheds light on the brand’s contemporary dimension, which intertwines creativity, identity and design, making the creations of Barovier&Toso become timeless objects, like aphorisms of light and crystal.

In the same project, again directed by Riccardo Petrillo, there are three longer episodes, of about three minutes each. In these cases the narration and storytelling have been produced by IF Experience. Art historian Filippo Cosmelli is the visage and voice of these immersive documentaries, in which to discover the most representative and identifying locations of Barovier&Toso. The first episode takes place inside the company’s historic glassworks in Murano. It will be a small voyage in time, retracing various phases of the brand’s centuries of history. Above all, the video takes viewers inside the production cycle of the glassworks, from the preparation of the material to the assembling of the products. In the second and third segments, we enter the company’s headquarters: Palazzo Barovier, in Murano, and the showroom on Via Durini in Milan. The images allow everyone to become “virtual” visitors of these remarkable sites. The architectural space, the creations, the installations, the use of colour, the archival materials: from Rio dei Vetrai to the mainland, a story that speaks of elegance, art and contemporary style, opening the doors of imagination.

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