Inspirations - Déco

21 September 2023

Barovier&Toso presents the Inspirations project.
The first chapter is dedicated to Art Déco


The field narrows, with only a group of collections in focus, linked by a common thread: the Inspirations project starts from the vast Barovier&Toso proposal and divides it into subsets, with common characteristics.

Evocative microcosms, the digital volumes (mini-catalogues) collect interior design trends and tell the story of the ability of Barovier&Toso creations to embody particular atmospheres, build emotional landscapes, shape sophisticated, unique interiors.

Still life photos, environmental photos, but also images that refer to the chosen theme, visual associations that guide creativity, suggesting inspirations. The collections selected for each volume are thus presented, in a romantic and playful guise.

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In this way, customers, designers and professionals have a series of additional tools to move within the Barovier&Toso world, so varied in terms of style, design, colour, variants...

The first volume is dedicated to Art Déco and contains 20 elegant and sensual collections. It is a tribute to the golden era of the 1920s and 1930s, which saw the triumph of a glamorous style that is now highly sought after in interior decoration.

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The introduction could not miss photos taken from the Barovier&Toso historical archive, products that contributed to making the history of those years and which then inspired subsequent collections, such as the most recent VertigoMetropolis and Empire.

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The next chapters will be dedicated to the color gold, which has always been a bestseller, and to the floral theme, always dear to the company and to the art of Murano glass, which is very trendy today.