Private apartment - Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Created by the designer Minina Tatyana, the apartment on two levels overlooks Moscow with large windows and two terraces, for a total of 750 sqm of area. The interiors stand out for a fusion style that combines classic and modern. On the first level the white marble flooring, mirrors, furnishings and complements reflect a taste for Art Deco, while the second floor has a more contemporary, understated look, with concrete ceilings and parquet floors. Barovier&Toso is on hand in three double bedrooms with the Amsterdam chandelier, the Ran Round chandelier and the Marta floor lamp. The bathrooms are lit by Pandora, in the wall and suspension versions, and by a customized Ran Round suspension lamp.

PROJECT: Minina Tatyana

PHOTOS: Ananiev Sergey

REFERNCES: Amsterdam chandelier, Ran Round chandelier, Taymyr chandelier and Taymyr wall lamp, Pandora suspension, Pandora wall lamp, Marta floor lamp