Private Residence Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, USA

Originally from the 1920s, the villa was a Spanish colonial residence. The renovation works involved the interiors and the rear external area, with the creation of a new loggia, open onto the swimming pool. The Mona Hajj Interiors studio, which oversaw the project together with Arch. Marc Appleton opted for an atypical look that respects Spanish colonial architecture, with the addition of references to other styles and historical periods. The environment is very welcoming and skilfully structured through rich combinations of different patterns, textures and colours. Barovier&Toso has brought a sophisticated tone to the living area, with the Nevada chandelier, in the bespoke aquamarine version and white lampshades, and the Eva table lamp, characterized by a sequence of ogives in blown Venetian crystal.


PROJECT: Mona Hajj Interiors

PHOTO: Roger Davies

REFERENCES: Nevada chandelier and Eva table lamp