Private residence - Denmark


A project in grand style where light is the protagonist. In collaboration with the architect and interior designer Mette Folkmann of the studio Moodify, Anker&Co has developed a custom lighting solution that responds perfectly to the specific architectural and aesthetic requirements of this private residence. The dining room features a game of correspondence between the oval table and the fine decoration of the ceiling, accentuated and completed by three coronas of light, the completely personalized Crown suspension lamps. The sequence of light and crystal returns, multiplied in the large mirror at the back of the room, triggering an amazing optical effect that suggests the opulence of the salons of European nobles in the 1700s.

PROJECT: Mette Folkmann from Moodify and Anker&Co, PHOTOS: Kris Dekeijser and Jacqueline Naef

REFERENCES: Crown suspensions