Private Residence in Georgetown

Georgetown | Guyana

Built around 1910, in Georgetown, this colonial-style house has been completely renovated by the Mona Hajj Interiors studio. The project first of all eliminated the traces of the previous renovation of the 70s, to give the space a more authentic dimension. The architectural vocabulary used is mainly classical, as is evident in the decorative apparatus. Even the furnishings tend towards a classic taste, but there is no lack of contemporary accents. The dining room is dominated by a beautiful fireplace and houses two large tables, each surmounted by a Nevada chandelier characterized by almost straight arms in Venetian crystal and delicate drop-shaped pendants. On the briar table, next to an antique ottoman, the Eva lamp in the bespoke rosé version completes and enriches the corner dedicated to relaxation and reading, effectively grafting between the floral pattern of the wallpaper and that of the upholstered furniture.



PROJECT: Mona Hajj Interiors

PHOTO: William Abranowicz

REFERENCES: Nevada chandeliers and Eva table lamp