Private residence - Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Refinement and luxury. Every corner of this apartment has been carefully shaped by the architect Alexey Nikolashin of the studio SL Project, to create sophisticated, elegant atmospheres. The choice of materials, from various types of marble and wood to fabrics, and the range of textures and decorative motifs, generate the precious quality of the interiors. Glossy and satin finishes abound in the furnishings and facings, in an effective combination of sensations. The sparkling mood is reinforced by the creations of Barovier&Toso. In the living area, the Tangeri wall lamps brighten the dining zone, while the Medina table lamps frame the main sofa. In the bedrooms everything glows with Venetian Crystal, seen in the very delicate Tangeri chandeliers, and the Sara and Habana table lamps. The bathroom is equally impressive, featuring the elegance of the Fez chandelier in the gold version.

PROJECT: Alexey Nikolashin

REFERENCES: Fez chandelier, Habana table lamps, Tangeri chandelier and Tangeri wall lamps, Lincoln suspension, Medina table lamp