Private Residence - New Delhi

New Delhi, India

It spreads over 5 levels and reflects a classic luxury, inspired by the French Renaissance style. From architecture to interiors, the project was followed by the 42mm Architecture studio. Large spaces and great heights have been enhanced by a skilful use of materials, chosen with a maximalist approach. The flooring of each space is unique and combines several types of marble, while the walls are covered with panels in precious wood, leather and fabrics or are stuccoed with Parisian moldings, with the application of gold leaf. The two main bedrooms are the parental suite and the guest bedroom, opulent in every detail. The suite is illuminated by the magnificence of Taif, in a chandelier and double applique version, while the room dedicated to guests sees Tangier at the center of the scene, as a chandelier and wall lamp, on each of the two bedside tables.


PROJECT: 42mm Architecture - Priyanka Khanna, Rudraksh Charan;

REFERENCES: Taif chandelier and wall sconces, Tangeri chandelier and wall sconces