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New Milan Showroom

  • 09/10/2020
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The Barovier&Toso showroom in Milan has been expanded and updated.

A major project by vandersandestudio.

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The Barovier&Toso showroom has opened during Milano Design City, the event entirely focused on design. Extensive restyling of the display spaces on the ground level is joined by the acquisition of a new space on the first floor, a concept flat entirely organized for operative functions while at the same time revealing the world of Barovier&Toso through a selection of products, a spectacular glass library and a number of representative pieces from the history of the company.

A project of great impact for the brand, as part of a strategy of upgrading of facilities, starting with the renovation of the headquarters at Palazzo Barovier&Toso in Murano, unveiled in the fall of 2018. Concentrating investments on its exclusive points of sale, Barovier&Toso wagers on the brand’s calling cards par excellence, narrating its story in a direct, uncompromising and timely way.

The task of creating a project as a context for products, generating engaging and appealing suggestions, impressions and situations capable of fostering a sense of comfortable welcome such as few places can offer, has been assigned to vandersandestudio.

Exotic subjects from nature, soft drapes, motifs based on the decorative tradition of Venice, but also metals for this tableau that looks to the past with admiration and pride, providing a stimulating confrontation with contemporary features. It is a composite, variegated project involving a vast selection of Barovier&Toso products, chosen for their ability to reinterpret the tradition in a timely way.

The company plans to frequently update the settings and atmospheres, to align them with the trends of the moment and the needs of professionals. To this end, the pursuit of flexibility is the leitmotif of the entire project, organized and structured to make it easy to transform the spaces over time.


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