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Glass week 2020 - Fenice

  • 03/09/2020
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For Glass Week 2020, Barovier&Toso creates Fenice, a numbered limited edition inspired by the Piccione Primavera of the 1930s by Ercole Barovier

5-13 September | Barovier&Toso takes part in the 2020 edition of Glass Week, an event that returns with particularly vivid impact this year. Venice, as always, hosts this international festival on the art of glass. For the occasion, Barovier&Toso has produced Fenice, a numbered limited edition inspired by a famous creation of Ercole Barovier. Known as “Piccione Primavera” and produced in very small numbers, it was designed in the 1930s in the guise of an imaginary bird, in an elegant, eclectic pose. After nearly a century, Barovier&Toso now draws on that iconic and still very timely design that made history in the world of glass. Fenice (Phoenix) reinterprets the form and character of that creation, arriving at a design that is even more incisive in the present, as an expression of force and beauty: the force of the tradition that regenerates itself, and passing through the flames rises again to a new life. Today, after nearly 100 years, Barovier&Toso sets out once again to pay tribute to the creativity and mastery of Ercole Barovier, one of the most charismatic and authoritative figures in the history of Murano glass, as well as in the history of the company. The aim is to bring out the value of the firm’s heritage, to bring new life to an archival and cognitive legacy through a remarkable contemporary reinterpretation. Made in blown Venetian crystal with precious inserts of 24k gold leaf, Fenice is a series of just 18 pieces in all, 9 for each of the two variants: a larger one in black, and a smaller one in white, ideally male and female specimens. They both share an absolutely innovative feature with respect to the design by Ercole Barovier, a cylindrical brass pedestal, a material contrast that underscores the sculptural character of the object.

Barovier&Toso chooses to bypass the world of lighting and to amaze viewers with exceptional creations of great value, proof of the firm’s total mastery of the art of glassmaking.

On view at Palazzo Barovier, in the heart of Murano, the pieces of the Fenice collection are signed by Barovier&Toso, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and special packaging.


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