Apartment, Luzhniki, Moscow - Russia

  • 18/07/2020
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Classic style for a flat in an elegant residential zone of the Moscow suburbs. Great care has gone into the selection of finishes, with an accent on rare, precious materials. Natural stones like marble and onyx are combined with fabrics in different weaves and shades, as well as hand-painted wallpapers. Every room has its own colour, but the apartment is organized with delicate transitions from white to grey, grey to blue, blue to pink and back to white. The lighting choices focus on particularly decorative objects in a chromatic range that blends perfectly with the interior design: transparent, grey and rosé Venetian Crystal.


Project: Baharev and Partners

Photo: Sergey Ananiev

References: Président chandelier, Premièr Dame chandelier, Amsterdam table lamp, Pandora applique, Vania table lamp


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