This old decorative technique from Murano that was invented and patented by Barovier&Toso, plus a series of elements with an extremely modern geometric design and a technological metal structure: all these make Wang the perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity. It is a bit like a wedding dress, which has managed to maintain its relevance over the centuries thanks to innovations in style and taste. The Wang collection comprises two suspended lights and two ceiling lights made up of transparent glass elements that have been decorated using the white Rugiada® technique, which gives the translucent glass a texture similar to the highest-quality organza. The metal structure comes in white or painted in black bronze and contains dimmable LED light sources which are protected by a translucent white glass dome that scatters the light and prevents glare. The height of the suspended models is adjustable at installation time. LEDs are always included.

Catalogue Barovier&Toso
Designer Barovier&Toso
Year 2017

Available colors

rugiada bianco
painted black bronze

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