Como Lake

Designed in the late 1700s to be one of the larges and most impressive villas on the shore of Lake Como, Passalacqua is an extraordinary historic estate now transformed into a hotel, a temple of hospitality that reflects the “Italian way of living.” The De Santis family, entrepreneurs in the hotel sector, has lovingly shaped every single detail, with respect for the past and a long-term vision of the future. Old restored frescoes, fine marble varieties, magical terraced gardens, fountains and age-old trees overlook the lake in a dreamy atmosphere. Twenty-four suites have been created in the main villa, the stables of the Palazz and the romantic Lake House in the garden. The creations of Barovier&Toso enliven these luxurious settings, from the suites to the communal areas, permeating them with the charm of Venetian Crystal. The central staircase of the villa, for example, features a dramatic composition of Torpedo Taif chandeliers, while in the small lounges elegance is ensured by the presence of the Adonis and Degas chandeliers. Among the rooms the Bellini suite stands out, named for the famous Italian composer who lived here and created some of his most famous operas in this setting. A spectacular 4607 chandelier acts as a prelude to a sequence of unique creations that adorn and brighten the spaces, including the regal bathroom.

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